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We, as Vanillacoopusa.com, have experience in farming, trading, wholesale and retail markets for four generations. We have switched to International Trading since the 2000s to keep up with our experience, experience and growth. After this transition, we established Gourmet Global under the name United Trade in 2015 and also registered our brand in 2018.

Our story began with hazelnut farming in the 1890s and continues today with agricultural trade with Chili Pepper (India), Cassia (Indonesia), Black Pepper and Coconut (Vietnam) and Vanilla (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea).

Our main characteristic as a farming and trading family is to understand farmers and learn about their natural products and to move their products to global markets.

United Trade Papua New Guinea was established with Local Farmers in Papua New Guinea in 2019 with this mission. (Papua New Guinea Investment Promotion Authority Registration Number 6-247027)

Worldwide deliver via DHL in 10 days.


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